I want to OWN MY 50’s!

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Did you know that only human women and killer whale females experience the menopause? The difference between us is that killer whales become the leaders of their pods – they own this time. I am not convinced we always do.

I started writing this blog because I was fed up with being surrounded by negativity because I had reached my 50’s. What’s so wrong with it? I am here! My mother never made it to her 50’s and that is why I have named this blog after her, Lydia.

I want to create a comprehensive place where women in their 50’s can come to learn, share and empower one other. To seriously kick off this ridiculous notion that aging means hitting a downward trajectory. I have some incredible subject experts who will share their thoughts and expertise. Everything they and I will write will be designed to make us women feel in control, take control and have a positive approach to life in our 50’s. Every week I will add more to help do this, so please do keep coming back.

We are in the middle of our lives, so we have a whole load of good stuff to do, feel, share and experience. There are so many sassy 50 year old women and ones making amazing history out there – let’s be part of this incredible time and OWN OUR 50’s!

Lydialoves x

PS. Photography courtesy of www.jennykaye.com (an amazing woman in her 50’s)

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