My story

It all began back when I was 7 years old and my mother, Lydia, died in a car accident on her honeymoon to my stepfather. She was only 33.

When I reached 50, it dawned on me how glorious life was in this amazing decade, yet my mother had never been able to enjoy it. I therefore decided I would bring her back and let her live this decade through me and my eyes. And so began my pseudonym and blog ‘Lydialoves50’.

I am originally from the United States, but after my mother died, I came to the United Kingdom to live with my father. So I am a bit of a hybrid. I look like an American, but I talk like a Brit. I have a slapstick American sense of humour, but adore British satire. I love American positivity and the way Brits ponder things over before they make a decision. Life throws all sorts of stuff at us. It can derail us, or send us to a wonderful new place. In my case, I have found myself staying in the United Kingdom, stealing one of its most gorgeous men, and setting up life here.

Everything I write about has my mother and what I assume she would have wanted at its very heart. While many people find it worrying to age, my perspective is the total opposite.  I believe my mother would have done anything to grow old:

To spend time with grandchildren.

To have the wrinkles of a myriad of life experiences.

To go through menopause.

To have achieved some of her hopes and dreams.

She loved life and lived those few short years to the full. I feel quite sure she would have done the same had she made it to this fantastic decade.

So, my focus is to absolutely and unequivocally love being in my fifties:

To embrace the ageing process.

To use my wealth of half a century’s experience to get the very most out of life.

To believe in myself, valuing all that is good, and acknowledging and addressing my weaknesses.

To appreciate, understand and work with symptoms of the menopause.

To listen, learn from and support other women in their fifties.

To kick the ass of societal prejudices and grow old disgracefully!

This blog is written for all you women in your fifties who share these beliefs. Thank you for stopping by. If you’d like to add any comments, or maybe collaborate please message me at

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