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As a woman whose body can’t decide if she is hot or cold, and spends most of the time taking clothing off and putting it back only to take it off and put it back on moments later, it can make me want to scream. Overlay that with trying to look a teeny bit stylish and hopefully a bit fashionable and where do you start?

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I found a wardrobe staple which admittedly is not a new idea, but I can honestly say every woman I have seen wear one, be they short, tall, slim or buxom, fair or dark, they all look knock out. It’s that old classic poncho. I keep mine (dusky pink) rolled up neatly in my handbag ready for those ‘I’m freezing’ moments in between the ‘I’m boiling’ ones. It works brilliantly with summer or winter clothes, but always seems to add a touch of glamour. I bought mine from Ladies Who Lunch (lovely ladies in their 50’s who probably like to lunch) and I have got so much wear out of it. It’s super soft but no one would ever guess it’s made from 100% acrylic, and because of that you just throw it in the washing machine and it doesn’t bobble.

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About: Ladies Who Lunch Jewellery was born over (you’ve guessed it!) a particularly lively lunch.

Sisters Mandy and Lesley and their friend Gillian, decided to create a range of deliciously different jewellery – pieces they wanted to wear, but were never able to find on the high street.

Based in the South of England, they design and handcraft a new Jewellery Collection twice each year, to reflect both the colours of the season and current fashion trends, offering original contemporary pieces that are effortlessly stylish. From statement pieces to classic staples, each unique design is beautifully finished in an array of colours from gorgeous brights to sophisticated neutrals. 

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