Your guide to understanding what your teens are saying!

How many times have your teens said something and you couldn’t fathom out what on earth they were talking about? My husband and I were totally caught out when my son sent a pic of his girlfriend with her hands over her face after she had been in a uni play saying she was ‘sick’. Well, did she vomit before she went on, or was she brilliant?! Yup, we are those stupid people who have no idea, so I thought I would pull together a list of words they use with their translation into 50 year old speak:

They say What it means to us
Allow It’s tedious
CrescapeShort for ‘crate escape’. Bring a crate of beer
ChippedHave they left?
ChirpsingThe semi state of not going out with someone but you are still an item
DankSimilar to Peng (see below)
DeadBad as in ‘this party’s dead’
Doin’ bitsGood as in fulfilling its purpose
DownUp for it
FreeParents are away so house is free of adults
LOLLaugh out loud (not lots of love!)
Long someone outMake their life more tedious
MadReally good
MadnessA really good thing
NengBad, opposite to Peng
PeakThe worst
PengVery nice, relating to a thing or person
A pieceA small period of time
PreMeet for drinks before an event to save money (and get a little drunk)
Rate thatGood
SafeHello or goodbye (mutual respect)
Set me a …Give me a …
SickReally good (adj) as in ‘he played sick’
TrustI agree
What you saying?What are you doing?
Whip to a placeDrive
WordTo agree
YatLike calling a girlfriend ‘bird’
YipWalking/driving around

But remember! Don’t let on that you know these words as they might stop using them and then we will be back to square one!


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